Working well together

Today we were so busy at our new office that we hadn’t noticed how long we had been working. That is such a great sign that not only do I enjoy working at Mummy’s Wish but that Bernadette and I work very well together. We try to not work on the same things but have different areas of the business that we focus on. Bernadette being a CPA has taken on finance while I have taken on volunteers and HR (even though I really only have recruitment experience).

It has been such a huge learning curve, especially finding out all things you are supposed to know. We have great support from Volunteering QLD in giving us information and providing us with opportunities to meet with potential corporate volunteers. There are so many businesses and companies allowing their staff to donate time during office hours. I still need to find someone able to draft our office procedures as my head seems to be swimming at the moment. We are hoping that the Golden Guru program through volunteering QLD can help there. What an amazing idea the Golden Gurus is. People who have retired or who have lots of time on their hands, volunteer to help charities and non profits get on track, with whatever area they need. I highly recommend this to any organisation needing a bit of an extra hand.

I think I neglected to list all the areas that we still need help with, but I suppose that’s not why I am writing a blog (that’s for you to check out on our facebook page!).


Hat number 2 – CoFounder of Mummy’s Wish

This morning I am off to a meeting with Bernadette Vella the Founder of Mummy’s Wish Inc. Mummy’s Wish was her inspiration while in hospital recovering from a stem cell transplant as treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma that didn’t go away after 8 months of chemotherapy. We had met a couple of times in 2003-2006 through a mutual friend, so we were very surprised to end up in the same hospital with the same cancer with the same doctor in July 2006.

I was diagnosed with Stage 2b Hodgkins Lymphoma 11 weeks after my gorgeous daughter was born. Bernadette was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma 14 weeks into her pregnancy. She already had a 2 yr old son. She decided that with all the information that we had found and collected through our treatment, we could set up a charity to support other mums going through treatment to make their lives easier. So that’s what she did, from her hospital bed! She formed the incorporated association, got approval to become a charity, got taxation approval etc. We had discussed this a couple of times  when I had visited so it wasn’t a huge surprise to me. So in September 2007 all the paperwork was approved, however the bodies weren’t quite ready for a few more months. In June 2008 Bernadette rang me and said she was ready to get the charity going and would I like to help. My gut, my heart and my head all knew this was right so I have put all my heart and passion into making Mummy’s Wish a successful charity that supports mums with cancer.

This morning, we are off to the storage shed to pack some treat bags for the mums we support, pack a hamper to raffle off at the Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo in Brisbane 18-20th June, and then we are meeting to strategize! Where do we want to be in 5 years, 1 year 90 days? How do we get there? Who do we need to get there? Big questions!