Starting again – maybe – with the blogging!

I have recently come across my old blog site which never really had any direction. Not sure if it will now either!

I have started to enter competitions again as I am at home most of the day and need something other than housework to do. Not that I really do much housework….

I may not be winning many things yet, but I am winning 1-2 things per week. I am spending more time entering facebook competitions as I see the same people winning these comps over and over again, so they must be doing something right!

Last week I received notifications that I won a bracelet, a cookie pack and some cleaning products. Hopefully winning some bigger items soon!

Also need to work out how to edit the blog….. not just publish.


Up and Down feelings

How can you go from feeling so great for having accomplished so much in one day, to feeling so flat and down for no reason. I know there is a reason, but why all of a sudden? I spoke to mum this afternoon to see how she was going and if she wanted some extra support tomorrow for her bone marrow test. She is coping with this so much better than I am. I am not very good at waiting for results, I want to know now! Hopefully tomorrow the DR will have some more information and test results to be able to start making some decisions on treatment.

I was on such a roll today with work for Mummy’s Wish. I am trying to finalise all of our policies and procedures to put into an organisational manual to help prepare us for applying for grants and sponsorships. I was hoping for a policy fairy to appear, but she never did so “if it is to be it is up to me”. I had a great day working out what procedures and policies we need and getting drafts of them. Event hough it isn’t completed, I feel so much better knowing I have finished a fair bit of it.

I also managed to send out some certificates of appreciation and took a couple of new referrals. I think that may have also contributed to the down part of the day. There is still so much to do with Mummy’s Wish but we seem to accomplishing much more now.

Working well together

Today we were so busy at our new office that we hadn’t noticed how long we had been working. That is such a great sign that not only do I enjoy working at Mummy’s Wish but that Bernadette and I work very well together. We try to not work on the same things but have different areas of the business that we focus on. Bernadette being a CPA has taken on finance while I have taken on volunteers and HR (even though I really only have recruitment experience).

It has been such a huge learning curve, especially finding out all things you are supposed to know. We have great support from Volunteering QLD in giving us information and providing us with opportunities to meet with potential corporate volunteers. There are so many businesses and companies allowing their staff to donate time during office hours. I still need to find someone able to draft our office procedures as my head seems to be swimming at the moment. We are hoping that the Golden Guru program through volunteering QLD can help there. What an amazing idea the Golden Gurus is. People who have retired or who have lots of time on their hands, volunteer to help charities and non profits get on track, with whatever area they need. I highly recommend this to any organisation needing a bit of an extra hand.

I think I neglected to list all the areas that we still need help with, but I suppose that’s not why I am writing a blog (that’s for you to check out on our facebook page!).

Not happy with cancer

The heading pretty much says it all, but there is bigger story behind it being said today.

A few weeks ago my mum told me that she had found a lump in her neck, gone to the GP’s and had a needle biopsy done. I was told on a Sunday and the biopsy was done on the Friday. We anxiously awaited news from the GP about the results but she decided to ring them instead. She was told if it was important that the GP would ring her, however she looked up the results and said it looks like mum should see the GP on the Friday (4 days after the phone call – not immediately). Friday comes along and the GP gives mum the results. A little ambiguous at first “a B-cell lymphoproliferative disorder” with ” suspicious lymphoma” and she should see a haematologist. He would arrange the referral and the specialists office would get in contact with her.

After one and a half weeks of getting the GP to send the referral, the specialist’s receptionists letting us know whether they even received the referral and being told that as a new patient she will have to wait 4-6 weeks, mum decided that long a wait was unacceptable and wanted to get into to see my specialist. 1 phone call later, she was in to see him the next day (Thursday 29th July).

My specialist doesn’t pull any punches and just gets on with his job of working out what is wrong and how to fix it. Mum was informed that from the results of the original biopsy she has a form of non-hodgkins lymphoma but he isn’t sure which one yet and more tests need to be done. Mum had surgery last Friday to have the lymph node removed and for the node to have a further biopsy. She is due to have a PET scan tomorrow and a bone marrow test on Thursday.

We are all feeling quite confident that it is a slow acting cancer and that is has been caught early. She has had good blood test results so far and hasn’t had any of the other cancer symptoms. It is even quite probable she will avoid chemo!

I will keep everyone posted on how she is going.

I’m Back

After attending the Connect2Mums conference on the weekend I have become inspired to continue with my blog. I have been so busy over the last couple of months I made a conscious decision to take a break from the blogging and focus on Mummy’s Wish and my family. This meant my Phoenix business didn’t go so well and I am now determined to fix that.

One major thing I learnt from the big time bloggers on the weekend is that I really need to find a niche in my blog, and I believe that I have come to a conclusion on what that is. It is ME! I will blog about my day to day activities with Mummy’s Wish, my family and my Phoenix Trading business. Most likely not all at once as I don’t do them all at once.

Challenges. I wanted to focus today on some of the challenges I am facing being the Joint CEO and Cofounder of Mummy’s Wish. The biggest challenge we are facing is fundraising. Where do why find and receive the most money without having to be the ones organising every single event. Fortunately we have people who make regular donations and we have amazing businesses and events that choose us as their charity of choice. I am in the process of trying to organise a High Tea event and I must say it is not easy! Not only do you have to find the venues that offer this service, but then you have to try to make some money from the event. The next challenge is sponsorship. Who do you approach and what can you offer them in return. It sounds easy, but as a business/company you need some return on your investment. Not much is given for free anymore.

Even though I am highlighting some areas I personally need to work on, I wanted also to share that we do have some amazing businesses/companies that offer their ongoing support. We also received some amazing responses to some articles in the local papers!

 Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and check out our website!

My cancer story – part 2

My previous blog post I had left off where I had just been seen by a different GP who asked lots of questions and thought it was advisable to have a chest X-ray. I can’t remember if she told me what she was looking for. I still had my 11 week old baby with me, so I went home and rang my husband to come home too so I could easily go and get this x-ray. I had never had anything majorly wrong with me, so I wasn’t overly concerned.

As I was waiting in the waiting room for the results to come back, they called me back to get another x-ray done. I’ve never been good at just waiting, so I opened the results. It mentioned there was a shadow and the doctor recommended a CT scan, yet I still wasn’t concerned. I rang my husband to let him know I needed to go back to the GP to discuss the results so I might be an hour later than expected. He mentioned that the doctor had already called him and they were waiting for me. She was able to get me an appointment for a CT scan that afternoon.

I am still surprised at how much detail from that day I can still remember 4 years on.

My husband, my daughter and I went to the X-Ray place to get the CT scan. This was a little scary as they needed to put in a canula to inject some dye during the process. The scan didn’t take too long and the dye was interesting – a hot flush all the way through the body. The GP said as soon as I get the results to ring her no matter what time of night it was. The results said multiple tumours most likely lymphoma. Strangely enough I went home and cried, and cried and cried.

More soon 🙂

Sunday – procrastinating

Here it is, Sunday of a long weekend and I am typing away on the computer. Admittedly it is cold outside and I’m not too keen on putting on more layers. I have been reasonably good with the cleaning this morning and have sorted out some of my Phoenix products to sell at the Pregnancy, babies and children’s expo next weekend to raise funds for Mummy’s Wish. I have also been very successful at avoiding cleaning the computer room. I swear paper multiplies when you don’t look.

Hubby and munchkin have gone over to the Mother-in-law’s to fix something. Not sure what, but all I know is I get to have an hour or so to myself. I have, however, tried to advertise and promote the Sex and the City fundraiser night that is happening on the 25th June at Portside – Brisbane, with some success! We need to get over 100 people for the night to be profitable and so far we have 35+ booked. I’ve also replied to some emails in my volunteer role at Mummy’s Wish. I do however have way too many more to reply to. We (Mummy’s Wish) is always on the look out for committed volunteers who can help with our administration remotely. It makes our life so much easier if someone else can do the day to day emails and responses so we can focus on providing the support to the mums that approach us for support.

Back to cleaning…..or procrastinating!