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My cancer story – part 2

My previous blog post I had left off where I had just been seen by a different GP who asked lots of questions and thought it was advisable to have a chest X-ray. I can’t remember if she told me what she was looking for. I still had my 11 week old baby with me, so I went home and rang my husband to come home too so I could easily go and get this x-ray. I had never had anything majorly wrong with me, so I wasn’t overly concerned.

As I was waiting in the waiting room for the results to come back, they called me back to get another x-ray done. I’ve never been good at just waiting, so I opened the results. It mentioned there was a shadow and the doctor recommended a CT scan, yet I still wasn’t concerned. I rang my husband to let him know I needed to go back to the GP to discuss the results so I might be an hour later than expected. He mentioned that the doctor had already called him and they were waiting for me. She was able to get me an appointment for a CT scan that afternoon.

I am still surprised at how much detail from that day I can still remember 4 years on.

My husband, my daughter and I went to the X-Ray place to get the CT scan. This was a little scary as they needed to put in a canula to inject some dye during the process. The scan didn’t take too long and the dye was interesting – a hot flush all the way through the body. The GP said as soon as I get the results to ring her no matter what time of night it was. The results said multiple tumours most likely lymphoma. Strangely enough I went home and cried, and cried and cried.

More soon 🙂


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