Cancer update – it’s all good

I had my 6-monthly check up with my haematologist today and the news is still good. Not that I was expecting anything bad, but it is still the expectation whenever you see a specialist. I haven’t gone into too much detail yet about my cancer experience so here goes.

My daughter was born in April 2006 and was a great baby. After 6 weeks she slept through the night, although she didn’t sleep long during the day it didn’t seem to matter. So I decided to do some casual work from home which was easy to do remotely. This shouldn’t have tired me out much at all but it did, immensely. I am an extremely loyal person and believe that I should do not only what is right for me but for those around me, so I resigned from job. I went to my doctor’s a couple of times in the previous weeks and had low iron levels which was always put down to just having a baby. I knew something wasn’t quite right when I had a funny cough whenever I spoke or laughed.

I went back to the doctors, but I couldn’t see my regular GP and decided I would see someone else that day (I call it “that day”). She went through the previous doctor’s notes and asked all the right questions.  To be continued!


2 Responses

  1. Yay! Good news on the haemo front!

  2. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your story Gayle.

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