So far today

What a huge day and it’s only 4pm. I went to the Mummy’s Wish storage shed this morning with Bernadette and Kylie to sort it out and to work out what we are selling at the Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo in Brisbane from the 18th-20th June. This was a mammoth task and took over 2 hours as we sorted through the amazing donated products businesses have given us to put in our treat bags or to sell to make a profit. We have a whole heap of nivea products that have been donated, some cosmetics and lots of other things we will be selling. If anyone has some spare time – we still need a few more helpers at the Expo!

Today I had a job interview. This has been a huge decision for me over the last week as I was approached by someone I used to work with to see if I was interested in a part time role with the business she now works for. I went for the interview knowing that if I didn’t like the role or the business it didn’t really matter, as I hadn’t applied for the role directly. I was asked lots of questions about my role in Mummy’s Wish, what I liked about the role on offer etc etc and in the end we all decided that I should come back next week to meet the team and make final decisions on the role over lunch! I probably should let my husband know!

What this means for me is cleaning. I need to clean my house, my computer room (most of the job can be done from home), and hopefully then cleanse my mind to focus on the extra hat I decided that I will be wearing in my life.

Here I am back home after a huge decision writing in my new blog, and I am loving it.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Gayle,
    Thanks for sharing. I love how so many of the people I am getting to know are blogging lately…though we’re all so busy and don’t get to catch up as much as we would like, reading a blog post like this one is almost like sitting down with you over a quick cuppa!
    All the best with your decision and funny you should mention the cleaning thing, i’m going through the same! See you soon,

  2. That’s a big decision. I hope it all goes well! 😀 Good on you.

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